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New Quizzes Grading Glitch

Hi I am using new quizzes to set simple tests that the students need to pass to "unlock" the next lecture. (which is a canvas module with the lecture the online presentation in bits, some support material and tutorial questions). The quizes are ungraded for the final mark and allow multiple attempts so it is 100% formative assessment.

The quiz is typically a few questions long, the number depending on the content etc.

I set a six-question quiz, Pass mark to unlock is 5/6 (questions are lecture material basically).  

Student scores 5/6  - but not allowed to progress.  

In the web canvas there is not indication of a problem.  But on the phone canvas app the student is marked as 4.99 out of six so they are literally in the canvas system eyes 0.01 marks short and therefore do not pass.  One can manually override or one can set the pass mark to 4.5 or whatever apparently.

I hour on the chat with canvas support.  This is apparently a glitch due to a rounding error.  I think it needs sorting but a bit frustrating to say the least.  

Anyone else had this joy.  I was told Canvas engineers cannot make suggestions so i need to raise on the forums....




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