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New Quizzes: How to I reveal restricted student results?

I have given a quiz for which I restricted students' ability to view their results. (They were notified of a successful submission only.) Now I want to let them see their results—which questions they got right/wrong, what the correct answers were, etc. How do I do this?

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello @dpotts2  To adjust these settings, open the New Quiz and select the Settings tab.



One of your options should be Restrict student result view.  You should be able to adjust those settings here.


Yeah, what I didn't know was how to release the results to students once that option was set, after they had taken the quiz. It turns out you can just uncheck the setting, and then results become available to the students. I figured this out by experimenting with the Test Student in my sandbox.

Honestly, I don't think it would kill Canvas to include this info in their documentation. (If it's there, I couldn't find it.)

Anyway, thanks for your reply.