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New Quizzes Moderate Auto-Refresh

Good morning,

I just moderated my first quiz using new quizzes and have to say I am a little frustrated. In the old quizzes when I am viewing the moderate page, student progress auto-updates when they enter the quiz and also places a timer next to their name so I know how much time they have left. In new quizzes, the page DOES NOT auto-update and I have to manually refresh to see which students are in the quiz, there is also not a countdown, it just says "In Progress". I do not understand why these features would be lost from the old quizzes to the new quizzes.

Further, when students are finished with the quiz and I try to view question and item analysis, there are not reports! In old quizzes these reports were instantaneous and changed as students completed the quiz. Is there a delay in generating these reports in new quizzes?  Do I need to manually generate a report? If so, how?? I am an hour past my students completing this quiz and still cannot see the item analysis so I cannot even begin to see where my students did well and where they struggled.

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Same issue and concerns.  This is a big deal breaker for teachers to be able to use assessment data in a timely manner.

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I don't monitor quizzes live, so I am not certain about any report delay, but once ready, the item analysis reports appear in the reports tab of your quiz instructor view.  It is between settings and moderate. 

It would be very helpful to have more details about in progress quizzes, even for those who do not monitor live quizzes.  In particular, when students start complaining that something is broken, the more information we have about their progress the less likely we have to add a considerable delay to their progress by referring them to support services.  If we know more about what they are doing, sometimes we can solve the problem ourselves more promptly.

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It took at least 24 hours for the report to generate for me. I am working in a synchronous hybrid and each week we also have a synchronous virtual day. I monitor quizzes live while they are taking them so I can quickly identify if students are having problems accessing the quiz. I also view the log of the students taking the quiz, again, so I can identify if they are having any tech issues or if they answered up to a certain question and then just stopped for some reason I know to check on them. It is really helpful to help my virtual students troubleshoot during the quiz. They have a lot of anxiety as it is during quizzes and tests.

The immediate report feedback in the old quizzes was really helpful so I can give my class immediate feedback. For example, one test I gave in old quizzes I could see immediately it was not a good question so I was able to let students know right after taking the quiz that they would each be receiving a point. It gives students ease of mind if they are unhappy with a quiz result they don't have to wait a day or two to get feedback from me.

A year and a half later and they still haven't addressed this issue. Pretty disappointing.