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New Quizzes: Project Management Plan

Kudos to Instructure for recently putting out their, "New Quizzes Transition Toolkit." 

Has anyone put together an Implementation Project Management and Training plan for their institution and faculty for New Quizzes? 

Based on provided information, it looks like the window for full faculty movement to New Quizzes would be beginning in February of 2022 and ending in April 2022.  This would ensure a smooth start for the fall.  We are looking for faculty to potentially inventory their quiz assets now to get a handle on scale and to build in some fail safe contingencies should transition and export problems arise. 

Has any one developed a full implementation plan or a framework at their institution that they are willing to share or some guidance/recommendations on the topic?

Role: Instructional Designer, New Quizzes rollout coordinator and trainer at a small institution. 

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We started the campaign to bring awareness to New Quizzes in May 2021. We conducted a webinar that discussed New Quizzes and the various methods to convert their existing assessments. Currently we are continuing the conversation, have built instructions in our internal knowledgebase and setup a method for faculty to request assistance in converting their assessments. 

Our full implementation plan is dynamic, as we are still waiting for other features to be released. Our plan is high-touch and we customize our migration plans by academic units through our campus Instructional Designers. Thanks for sharing about the New Quizzes Transition Toolkit, we will be checking this out as well.



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The webinar from InstructureCON was helpful in seeing one compressed transition by Wharton but hoping to start to see more plans soon as we think about our institution as well.  

For us the timeline is too compressed given that we may not have 3rd party tools integrated until our vendors complete integration after 12/2021.  But in my head assuming the timeline is accurate and cutoff of creating classic Quizzes 7/2022 and a cutoff of no longer using classic Quizzes 7/2023 it would make sense to pilot and work with early adopters January-June of 2022 and start an awareness campaign and then maybe initially start migrating early adopter faculty towards summer of 2022 and fall of 2022 dependent on the timing of high priority features that are released by Canvas and integrated vendors.

I didn't think of it before so thanks for mentioning "inventorying quiz assets".  This is an important part of training and migration.  Identify the things that will need tweaking and developing training so that adjustments are itemized and easily done by faculty so that we can focus 1-1 support on the more difficult content/courses.