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New Quizzes Time is up?

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We have noticed some changes to New Quizzes and wondering if an update was pushed down without notice?

We have faculty that use New Quizzes to give students full time to complete the quiz.  The classic quizzes always had a hard cut off time, if a student starts the quiz with 5 mins left they need to complete the entire quiz in 5 mins.  New Quizzes had the option to allow a full hour no matter when the quiz is started.  As of yesterday we noticed a message to students saying "Time is Up!" kicks the student out.  This has not been how New Quizzes worked for us and we cannot find any announcements or threads saying this was going to change.  Has anyone else noticed this change?

2020-12-15 13_12_03-C__Users_000141727_AppData_Local_Microsoft_Windows_INetCache_Content.Outlook_6XQ.png

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