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New Quizzes Timeline Overview

New Quizzes Timeline Overview

For the most recent updates for the New Quizzes timeline, please see  Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!).

All dates are anticipated and are subject to change. Details about these changes are included in Upcoming Canvas Changes.

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APIs are critical to our business functions for accreditation reporting. When will we have information on when the APIs for New Quizzes will be available? Hopefully we will have time to review and update our programming before New Quizzes is enforced in our instances.

Could you fix the link address in the 'Anticipated Dates' section "All dates are anticipated and are subject to change. Details about these changes are included in Upcoming Canvas Changes."

WHEN FFT NEW Quizzes Availability?

FFT Canvas Community Collaboration  |  Issue Delaying/Prohibiting?  |  1. Code/Dev of FFT?  |  2. Free vs Full Feat. of FFT?  |  3. Other?

I think a substantial, unique, and valuable portion of innovation in collaboration with Canvas happens between professionals from different institutions using the Free For Teachers Canvas instance (a.k.a, FFT, public canvas, []). 
  (  i.e.  )

From what I can tell by looking the New Quizzes timeline, it has been in development for about four years.  And it has been included in New Feature Screencasts more than a year.

I was wondering what is delaying or prohibiting New Quizzes availability on FFT Canvas.

  1. Is there some code or development issue does that does not allow New Quizzes to function correctly on FFT?  if so, could at least partial functionality be hosted?  (the BUILD functions would be especially use for inter-school collaboration, innovations)

  2. Or, is it more of a freemium vs paid issue that influences the availability of features such as New Quizzes to be available on FFT.   ( If this is the case, I would refer to the substantial inter-school innovation/collaboration mutually beneficial  to Instructure and User Community ).

    3 Or, is there some other reason delaying or prohibiting full or partial availability of New Quizzes on FFT?

I am an instructional designer supporting and instructor who is using team based learning. We are moving from Moodle to Canvas. In his course he has students take a quiz individually, then the same quiz as a team. The second team based quiz allows multiple attempts but penalizes the students for each subsequent attempt. The purpose of this is to encourage students to discuss what the correct answer should be before submitting. This question behavior is available in Moodle but not in Classic or New Quizzes.

This is similar to what is described here:

Currently in the Canvas Quiz it is possible to keep the highest, or average of scores. It would be helpful to be able to implement this strategy.

Please add your voice here:

Thank you!

Please could you generate a more detailed road map so that we know exactly what features and functionality will be available/unavailable at specific dates? There are many New Quizzes and quiz migration 'ideas' in the community pages - which of them will be included?

The following link is now out of date: 

Thirding, fourthing, and fifthing the need for an downloadable Excel spread for each exam so that we can obtain raw data for the distractors, etc. Many thanks!

After July 2022, will users be able to edit their existing Classic Quizzes?

After July 2022, will users be able to edit their existing Classic Quizzes?  And is there an easier way to migrate test banks? Is there an easier way coming?