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New Quizzes and Support for Remote Proctoring

Summer is an ideal time for instructors to transition to New Quizzes and receive training and support. However, with many classes moving to online, we anticipate a need to implement online proctoring tools such as Proctorio, Respondus Monitor, and ProctorU. Is there a timeline for when support for these services in NQ's will be provided? Otherwise, we will have to continue to use Classic Quizzes for those courses requiring remote proctoring. 

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I had the same question. Our CSM said support for Resondus and Proctorio would be available in the summer. But, I need a confirmed date for this to begin our implementation plan. We do 60,000 proctored exams annually and it takes months to transition our online courses from one system to another. 

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Has there been any update on the timeline of this? It would be nice to get started creating content for fall using new quizzes but I need to be able to use the remote proctoring. 

The new July 2020 release notes say that on 7/18/20 the Respondus Lock down browser will work with New Quizzes. It may include Respondus Monitor too, it's mentioned but not elaborated. I am hoping Proctorio is not far behind.   New_Quizzes_LockDown_Browser 

Thanks  @sharris ‌ for passing along your CSM's information.

Instructure has not yet released API access to new quizzes.  Which is delaying a number of proctoring vendors from developing their product to work with new quizzes.

Hi, Shannon,

We don't have a timeline for updates related to availability for third-party vendors. I'd recommend following  to get updates when available.