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New Quizzes copying from old courses

We just started the new year so teachers are doing a lot of course copies from previous years. We are still having numerous problems with new quizzes transferring over completely blank. We have reported it to support, but is this still a known issue? Are these support tickets escalated to the developers to determine what is happening? Is anyone else having this issue?

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We have seen this too and also saw it last year.  What we have found so far is if you give it time the questions finally come through.  I would not wait until the morning of to transfer a quiz you need that day.  I would transfer it a day or two before it's needed.  I'm not saying it takes THAT much time to transfer but at least then you have a cushion of time.

We have also made a copy of the quiz and changed the name of the quiz just a little bit and that has helped with the transfer as well. Neither one are great answers but we have found these to work for our teachers.