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New Quizzes for HiEd w/ Large Online Enrollments

How are institutions with large online operations/enrollments handling the transition ? Some context on our operation. 

We have a large online operations - 15 ID's, 750+ master shells/templates, and 7,000+ students. Our ID's work with a SME (instructor) to develop the course - but the ID is the only who actually puts the course together in Canvas. Then, that content auto-copies (via API) to live sections every 8 weeks. The person (ID) who developed the course (actually built the quizzes) is never the person who actually teaches the course.

I have two big concerns about New Quizzes for our online course model.

1. Quizzes copy unpublished - This is a support/QA nightmare. We run classes every 8 weeks with a heavy adjunct population. 

2. Item banks are tied to users, not courses - This is an even bigger issue than #1. I've recorded a video that outlines my issue with this process ( But - the people who teach the course will NOT have the ability to natively edit quiz questions, without having the original creator (they wouldn't know who this was), or support staff, share those question banks.  Again - support/QA nightmare. 

Is there anyone from Instructure who can actually speak to these concerns ? @SuSorensen 

I've posted this in other threads, but it really feels like we are stuck between two impossible decisions - wait or move-forward. If we wait to use New Quizzes, we run the risk of not having enough time to finish the transition before the deprecation date in June 2023 (this will take us at least 12 months). If we move-forward, we run the risk of pissing off our students and faculty with a product that can't address the most basic operational needs of HiEd institutions. 

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