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New Quizzes import not showing up

I have gone through all the steps to import a New Quizzes QTI zip file and in the import it says it was completed, but the quizzes do not show up anywhere. I've looked in quizzes, assignments, files, everywhere I would think it might possibly be. Am I missing something obvious here?

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Community Contributor

The only way we have been able to import the qti files is to go to a new quiz, go to manage item bank, create a new bank, and then import the qti file into that item bank. The qti file must be a single test export file of a classic quiz. It doesn't take just any kind of qti file. That has been our experience. It is easier to create a classic quiz and migrate it than to create a new quiz and add questions from a qti file.

Community Contributor

@JSwallia Are you still experiencing this issue? As you look at the list of Item Banks, don't look for the new Item Bank name you gave it, instead, look for the name of the quiz you're importing. I noticed that when I create a new Item Bank and then import a QTI file, the Item Bank name gets overwritten by the QTI. (Classic Quizzes did this as well.)

I suggest this behavior be included in the guideHow do I import questions from a QTI package into an item bank in New Quizzes?