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New Quizzes issue as of March 20, 2021 New Releases

New Quizzes has a bug. The new workflow takes you to the assignment details page, but this page is missing navigation to edit or preview the quiz questions from the instructor view. See image below:

I posted in the comments here

So far, we have to either select "Save" or edit the URL of the quiz details page to remove “edit?quiz_lti”, in order to get to the New Quizzes builder UI.

New quiz vs Classic buttons.jpg

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Thank you for posting this and your clear images. I was under the impression that this was already a big topic in the community and that Instructure had a fix planned, but I found your comments and some other in the comments for the Release Notes, that's all. Maybe others have filed bug reports to Instructure directly?

This was a very unfortunate update that involved one line in the release notes, that could easiliy be missed. Although there is a way to reach the actual New Quiz by pressing Save (not very intuitive) and it's a good idéa to have similar workflows with Classic Quiz, there are some elements clearly missing to this puzzle.

All the best,
Rolf Johansson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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@rolfis Yes, I was not sure if there are certain circumstances where this happens. We don't have New Quizzes enabled on all our subaccounts, so this has only affected a few of our faculty.  Our bug report is still pending with Canvas help desk.

Another work-around is to access the New Quiz from the gradebook column view. It goes straight to the builder view vs the details page.



I had a teacher come to me with this problem the other day as well.  They had figured out the problem to an extent by hitting the "Save" button, but I also informed them that one other option would be to go through the Gradebook.  It appears that this must have come as a result of the way that New Quizzes can be added to modules now as opposed to being found in Assignments.  That is the only thing I can figure.  Being able to add a New Quiz to a module as a placeholder as opposed to having previously created the quiz is nice, and the designation of it being classic or new is helpful, but seems to have surprised a few individuals as to the funcationality of clicking on a link in the module.

I was not aware of the Gradebook shortcut, thank you for sharing!