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New Quizzes not being published

We are running into another issue with New Quizzes. When we copy courses from a template, the copy process randomly makes some New Quizzes "unpublished" while others remain "published." All quizzes were set as "published" in the templates, so there is a glitch somewhere that unpublishes some when letting others go through as they were originally set.

Anyone else experiencing that?

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Yes, this happens in all of our course imports that contain New Quizzes. We've been going to Assignments to publish the quizzes after every course import. 

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For me none of the New Quizzes will stay published when you export it.  You have to manually republish each one...

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 I have seen the same issue. I usually however import unpublished and only have the module title published. My district uses blueprints so we sync content unpublished and allow teacher to publish as they see fit.

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Since you use Blueprints -- do New Quizzes work and get updated at all with blueprints? I haven't seen that functionality yet. 

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Yea they need to change this behavior.  Let the user decide the status of publish/unpublish instead of deciding for them during import.