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New Quizzes quiz not copying via course import

New quizzes copying from one course to another is now included on the Feature Comparisons page, but as of this morning, I can't get a new quiz to copy from one course to another. Any updates on why this is still happening? These questions are just text. An earlier new quiz copied just fine. I can't use the work around of copying the quiz bank over and re-assembling the quiz because that quiz bank doesn't show up on my options for selecting specific content. I've put in a ticket but haven't received a response yet.

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I may have found the cause for a part of the problem. I had 6 sections of the course. The fist two sections were imported from the master course sub account. The remaining 4 sections were imported from the previous two sections once they had been updated. When I try the "retry" feature on the remaining 4 sections I get a 400 error. I believe I am getting that error because the sub account that the courses are in do not have the settings allowed for new quizzes. 
That still does not explain why some quizzes come through, and others do not. But it is a start.


To fix this issue we had to reimport the individual quizzes from the original master course, rather than the section that they were originally imported from. It appears that when you retry a quiz it changes the assignment id. If you have copied that content into another section, and have to retry (reimport a new quiz) you will not be able to use that feature because the assignment/quiz id has changed. You can import manually from the other section, you just can't use the retry feature.

@erinhmcmillan , I see there are a bunch of responses to this post saying they're experiencing the same problem with importing New Quizzes. You had asked OP if they had further questions, so I'm hoping it's ok to piggy back on that request.

I also got this error and am waiting for support to get back to me, but I'm sure they're swamped. Is there an update on what's happening with importing New Quizzes? Is this bug being addressed, and is there a good workaround other than individually importing each quiz or doing it from scratch? 

Thank you!

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Hi! New Quizzes planning is being finalized this week, actually. I will personally be very happy when we have more news to share with you!

Same issue here with new quizzes not copying from Commons nor directly between courses. I ended up having to re-create the assessment using the OLD quiz format. So frustrating when I have to do things twice or more.


My faculty cannot copy a new quiz directly between courses. Item banks cannot be shared. I also can't download student responses to a quiz for a faculty member to use for research analysis. Another faculty member has demonstrated that the reports in new quizzes don't seem to be accurate when connected to item banks. The only possible reason for this (to my mind) is that the reports are connected to the item bank and not to the single instance of the quiz in a single course. So many glitches to be resolved for this to actually work for teaching/research.

Surveyor II

We are seeing this same issue in our instance. Our team had yet to start tinkering with Quizzes Next but I had to design a new ACT Prep course and built ACT style quizzes and chose Quizzes Next for the platform since I felt the setup resembled what students would see on the ACT exam (reading passage on left, questions on right). That course went live this week. 

We have now copied our Master ACT course into our 18 live sections and about half of the Quizzes Next items came through and half failed with the retry or cancel options. I am now "babysitting" all 18 live sections by going into the Master ACT course and using the "Copy to" option to copy the Quizzes Next item into each live section then waiting for 30 mins to an hour to verify the item is actually accessible. The Quizzes Next items that actually do import successfully are unpublished which is another thing I have to manually touch. 

I am very disappointed in Quizzes Next at the moment. 

Surveyor II

I just had quizzes created with the New Quizzes search engine also not import, and clicking on the "Retry" button that appears after trying to process for far too long gained me nothing. This tool is a huge disappointment on many fronts.

The only resolution that I could reach is to go back to the oritinal course, use the optionsmenu to the right of each quiz title, and use the "Copy to . . ." functionality. This did work quite quickly, but it needed to be done individually for each quiz.

I stand corrected . . . it only looked like it worked. When I now try to click on the quiz link, I get a screen that says that it is still copying the assignment along with a never-ending spinning blue circle. This needs a fix!

Community Team
Community Team


If you submit a support case, our engineers can get this fixed for you. In reviewing past cases, sometimes the problem relates to your institution's URL, and our engineers can use it to get things working on your end. Hope that helps!