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New Quizzes quiz not copying via course import

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New quizzes copying from one course to another is now included on the Feature Comparisons page, but as of this morning, I can't get a new quiz to copy from one course to another. Any updates on why this is still happening? These questions are just text. An earlier new quiz copied just fine. I can't use the work around of copying the quiz bank over and re-assembling the quiz because that quiz bank doesn't show up on my options for selecting specific content. I've put in a ticket but haven't received a response yet.

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This is what I had sent our Canvas rep but forgot to post back to this thread. I spun up 7 test sections and did a full course copy to see if I could break these again and this is what I discovered.

New Quizzes will show an error message with retry prompt when it is actually still processing the copy operation. The screenshot below is from the Assignments page after the import. The objects initially appeared with a blue spinning loading wheel indicating they were still copying. After ~15 minutes you can see this error was produced:


If you see this error after a New Quizzes import, then it is most likely still processing the copy operation even though there is nothing to indicate this. Check back in 1-2 hours to see if the New Quizzes item has completed the copy operation. The other bug is that when the New Quizzes item finally imports it will come in as unpublished, which is just something we train our teachers to do in their own sections.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Becky,

I noticed your question hadn't received a reply yet. Sorry about that! We've done some improvements for course copy and hope your experience with course copy has been much better lately. Are you still experiencing any behaviors I can check on for you?



Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Becky,

I hope your concerns have been resolved by this point! Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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I am having a similar problem when I try to copy or import a new quiz. When I import a course the quiz comes over with an error. I click retry and it errors again. 

When I import just the quiz the title comes over but none of the questions are in the quiz. I can pull them from the item bank again, but then I have to go change the point values for every question and do this for each course that this quiz is used in. 

Any reason why it does not copy the questions when importing? 

We are having this issue again - can you please advise?

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We are having trouble importing between different instances of Canvas and institutions that we partner with that need a common cartridge. We planned to start our migration from classic quizzes to new quizzes this year, but if it doesn't have migration ability between Canvas instances and common cartridge/QTI file migration abilities for other systems, I am hesitant to make that change.  I do see that content migration is a focus for December 2020? Hopefully that is when these abilities will be integrated. 

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Hi! I am having a similar issue.  When I copy a quiz from another teacher into a course, only the first 11 questions copy over.  I tried copying that same exact quiz to a different course, and the whole thing copies over... 

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Not working for me, either, even when trying to copy from one of my own courses to another. Here's what it shows me:


Hitting Retry gives me "Oops! That last request didn't work out." If I click on Details, it says "Ajax Error: 400 {"error":"assignment does not exist"}". My only option is to cancel.

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We have the same problem! Is there already a solution?

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We migrate quizzes in about 20 of our online course masters. We are now having to go through each live course and check the assignments. It appears from the home page as if the quiz came through, but when students attempt the quiz it says they don't have access. When you look under assignments you can see the picture above that suzukj shared, I have 6 seperate sections/courses for one of the course masters. When I looked at the first live section about half of the quizzes did not come in with the import, and I had the option to retry. I was able to retry on all of them, but it took about 30 minutes for them to come through. Once that was done I had to replace them in the modules (they had disappeared from there) and republish. Oh yea, we also noticed that you have to republish the new quizzes when you import them into a course. When I went to the second section I got the error message. Same with the rest of the sections. This is a mess.