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New & Updated Features - Quizzes.Next

New & Updated Features - Quizzes.Next

While Quizzes.Next is in beta period, the Canvas Doc Team will not create official release notes for new and updated features. However, we would like to keep Quizzes.Next users informed of any changes to the toolset. This document includes a short summary of new and updated features.


Week of June 1, 2018

Audio & Video Uploads

The Rich Content Editor supports uploading audio and video files. To upload a file, click the Upload Media icon in the Rich Content Editor. Then select the Audio or Video tab and upload your file.

Documentation on this feature and the Rich Content Editor is in process.


Week of March 2, 2018

Delete Item Banks

Quizzes.Next users can delete item banks. Before an item bank is deleted, a warning message will display to inform users of the effects of deleting a bank. Questions added to an assessment individually will not be removed from the assessment when the item bank is deleted. Question groups that use a random number of item bank items will not be available after the item bank is deleted. Once an item bank is deleted, it will also lose its statistical link to reports.

Information on deleting item banks can be found in the lesson: How do I manage item banks in Quizzes.Next?‌.

Question Navigator Color

The color of the Question Navigator has been changed to white. This will provide contrast in instances where the Question Navigator and Canvas Global Navigation display side-by-side.

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