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Community Coach
Community Coach

New option for hiding quiz responses in Quizzes.Next

I just saw in the new release notes (Canvas Release Notes (2018-10-06)) that responses in Quizzes.Next assessments can now be hidden ( ). 

I just checked in one of my sandbox courses and get the following message if I submit an assessment as a student.


After looking forward to this option since we started using Quizzes.Next, I am very happy to see this feature.  Thanks to the Quizzes.Next team at Instructure for getting this up and running! 

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Lamplighter II

I just noticed today that there is more updates to this feature but there is no documentation on the new updates in the release notes or guides. I would really like the documentation to be kept up to date when there are QN feature releases. It is really difficult to stay ahead of the changes if they are occurring but not included in the documentation. Can you tell me more about the new options? Will there every be an option to automatically set date release option for all results. For example, many instructors only want feedback to display for a window of time typically after the until date passes. Once the window of time passes, the feedback can't be seen when students visit the quiz page except for score.  

new qn options

Hey snugentn

You got a bonus sneak peak the other day!!!  One of our engineers was doing some work on these advanced settings and accidentally turned them on for everyone.  They're not quite ready for prime time yet, so they've been turned back off!  

oh, and tis the season so I just can't resist....

Image result for christmas gift meme

....stay excited!  They'll be here before you know it.