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Outcome alignment in question


I am perplexed. Aligning an outcome to a question bank in classic quizzes shows the outcomes I imported for the course. However, when I go to an align outcome in the question for an item bank ( then none of the outcomes show. 

Is there a document available for outcomes and 

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Lamplighter II

This is perplexing!! I would submit a ticket to support. 

Surveyor II

I would imagine that the fact that Quizzes.Next banks are tied to a person, not the course, aligning course or account level outcomes aren't supported in the bank itself. A Quizzes.Next bank would have no outcomes context because the bank owner (teacher) has no outcomes context separate from the course. If you do put in a support ticket, I would expect you get the "submit a feature request" response. 

Hi snugent

After a few different chats online with support, the level one support person filled out a form for the level two support. 

It it looks like any folder structure is not showing. If the standard is put in the root then it’s seen.

Let’s hope it gets resolved. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi! Just to update this thread, we previously had some unintentional behaviors with outcomes that have been remedied since these questions were posted. Outcomes behaviors are outlined in these lessons:

How do I align an outcome to an assessment in New Quizzes?