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Explorer III

Outcomes alignment

I don't see any outcomes when I attempt to align outcomes to an assessment or question.  The prompt states "Align institution outcomes?"  Does this mean that outcomes created in a subaccount or course cannot be aligned with a quiz?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @leward .  My understanding is that objectives created in the subaccount or course can be aligned to quiz questions.  I have not tried this with subaccount outcomes but have done this successfully with outcomes created in the course itself.

You might find the discussion in this thread to be interesting, Ready for Course-level Outcomes?.  It discusses outcomes in quizzes versus quiz banks as well as why objectives created in a course may not be available for a day for alignment in Quizzes.Next.

I hope this information is helpful, but if it doesn't answer your question please let me know! 

Thanks, ericwerth  That thread was helpful.  I guess I'll wait and see whether the account outcomes that I imported into the course show up at some point. If there is a delay, that should be mentioned in the documentation.  Most instructors would expect outcomes to be available as soon as they are added to the course.  Also, the documentation seems to indicate that outcomes created in the course itself, as opposed to being imported from a parent account, will not be available for alignment.  I hope that isn't the case.  Sounds like you've had some success using course-level outcomes.  Fingers crossed.

Please let us know what you find  @leward !

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I was having the same issue, so since I'm doing testing, I aligned one of my existing outcomes to the questions in the assignment I made.  Just tested it out, and the outcome results aren't showing up in the Mastery gradebook either.  I'll see if it's just a delay, but that's a bit odd.

Thanks for the update  @tbunag !  Hopefully there is just a delay, but please update this thread when you find out!

Explorer III

The account outcomes that I imported into my course are still not visible in Quizzes.Next.  When I attempt to align outcomes to a quiz or question, no outcomes are available.

Sorry to hear that  @leward .  It probably would be worth contacting Support to see if they have any insight into what is happening.  My understanding from Kevin's response in this thread, Ready for Course-level Outcomes?, is that while outcomes are synchronized nightly, there can be other delays as well.  If you contact Support and find out what is happening, please let us know!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Lynn,

Just to update this thread, we've updated how outcomes align with New Quizzes:

How do I align an outcome to an assessment in New Quizzes?  

How do I align an outcome to an assessment question in New Quizzes?