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Outcomes in Quizzes.Next

SMU is very much looking forward to Quizzes.Next coming out and specifically to the area of Outcomes. We need to be able to attached outcomes in a rubric to a whole quiz and assess in speedgrader, as well as (and maybe more importantly) be able to assign outcomes to questions in a question bank.

Then we need those results to come out on the "Student Competency" report. Let me provide some examples.

Quiz title - Quiz #1
Student Name - Cassidy

If I attach an outcome to only one question worth 5 points and the earned score is a 3, then the report should read:

Cassidy Quiz #1 3

If I attach an outcome to 5 different questions worth 1 point a piece and the earned score is a 4 correct and 1 missed, then the report should read:

Cassidy Quiz #1 4

We need it to be a cumulative score for that outcome, as it is the current report spits out: (using the last example)

Cassidy Quiz #1 1

Cassidy Quiz #1 1

Cassidy Quiz #1 1

Cassidy Quiz #1 1

Which is not useful at all to our office of assessment.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

2 Replies

Hi Cassidy, 

Thanks for your message. 

These elements are certainly under consideration by the Outcomes team. We have on our radar to be able to attach rubrics to a whole quiz in the future. 

The good news is that the ability to align outcomes to questions inside of question banks is functionality that does exist today! 

Furthermore, in regards to your questions associated with the Student Competency report, the notion of roll-up reporting for the sub-competencies to rollup to the overall outcome is on our radar as well and something we hope to improve in the future to make the results of those Outcomes easier to process. 

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions. 


Sidharth Oberoi

Community Participant

Has there been any movement on this? (getting the outcome scores to come out of into the student competency report)?
We use this report for outcomes because it will show the section a student is actually in, even if the course has many sections. (our instructors cross-list course like crazy)