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Outcomes not working

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I've imported outcomes from my institution into my course, but they do not show when I try to attach a quiz question to the outcome. 

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Most of the posts on this thread are older, but here in April 2021, a lot of these New Quiz and Outcome-related issues still haven't been resolved. Some of the issues I ran into recently included:

1. Only institution-level Outcomes are available for alignment once a question/item has been put into an item bank.

2. New Quiz question/item-level Outcome data doesn't sync to the Learning Mastery Gradebook (I haven't yet aligned a whole New Quiz assessment to an outcome, but I suspect based on the guides it's the same situation).

3. New Quizzes won't generate an Outcome Analysis Report for any questions/items tied to a bank. This was a real bummer when I tried to do a Diagnostic test that used a random batch pull. Disclaimer: I don't know for sure if this is New Quiz-specific (I never used Classic Quizzes this extensively), or is dependent on whether the Outcomes are institution-, course-, or account-level. 

Is there any solution to this yet? One would think it would be a fairly easy fix to enable course level outcomes in addition to institution level outcomes for item bank questions....