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PDF Embedding

The ability to embed PDF directly within a quiz is a basic/essential feature. Please add ASAP!

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I have found a way to do this:

Upload the file

Right click on the document in files and copy the link address

Go to the question

Select the text and press Ctrl+K

Paste in the URL

If downloading check NONE

Hope this helps 🙂

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Community Member

Thanks for sharing, but do these steps actually embed the file or just link it? I am not able to view the file in a preview window within the question like we can on a content page. 

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Community Champion

It just links to the file, right now the Rich Content Editor is not the same as what is in the other parts of a Canvas course.  I'm hopeful this will change before most of the migration.

In the New Quizzes Feature comparison it does like that the Content Selector Sidebar will be available by the transition timeline.  I'm hoping that also would include what you mention, a consistent look/feel of the links.

We've been using Google documents for PDF or Word files in the few courses we've added files to as I wasn't sure how successfully questions/quizzes with links using the URL from Files would copy/export/import/share.


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