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Practice Quizzes??

I've noticed that there is no Practice Quiz option with Quizzes: Next. Will this be added? Is there a workaround for this?

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Also, the student in Student View cannot be deleted from the Quiz analytics

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @arnold_cassie .  I have been going through older Quizzes.Next questions to see if updates are appropriate.  Reviewing other posts, the question of a student view has led to some spirited discussion (see Quizzes.Next Preview function) but a practice quiz option hasn't come up as often.  I know that the goal for Quizzes.Next development is to achieve feature parity with classic quizzes as quickly as possible.  In terms of a practice quiz, have you considered whether making the quiz worth zero points or including the quiz in an assignment group worth zero percent of the students' final grade would be an option?  Recently the option was added to hid student responses to a quiz (see  New option for hiding quiz responses in Quizzes.Next) which may help in using a standard quiz for practice.

I hope this information is helpful! 

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To create a Practice Quiz, edit the quiz/test from the Assignments page. Set Points to 0 and turn on Do not count this assignment towards the final grade.


With the latest release of Quizzes.Next (2/16/2019), new options are available for hiding the student responses.

Show Items & Questions

In this case for surveys, Indicate response as correct/incorrect and Show correct answer with incorrect response both need to be unchecked.

In order to create a survey in Quizzes.Next, in addition to setting the points to 0 and not counting it towards the final grade, Restrict Student Result View must be turned on, so that the right/wrong indicators will not activate.

The following additional settings must be configured:

  • Show points awarded: OFF
  • Show points possible: OFF
  • Show items and questions: ON (Recommended) or OFF
    • Show student response: ON (Recommended) or OFF
    • Indicate response as correct/incorrect: OFF
    • Show correct answer with incorrect response: OFF
    • Show item feedback: You decide

When editing from the Assignments screen, the following settings must be configured:

  • Points: 0
  • Do not count this assignment towards the final grade: ON
  • Display Grade As: Complete/Incomplete
  • Moderated Grading: OFF
  • Anonymous Grading: You decide. This feature keeps submissions anonymous just like the one from the classic Quizzes tool.
Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @arnold_cassie .  There hasn't been a post to this thread for some time.  I noticed  @Kelvin_Dean  posted information on setting in Quizzes.Next to create a practice quiz and survey.  Have you attempted this approach and has it worked for you?  My hope is that in the near future an option will exist for both practice quizzes and graded/ungraded surveys but Kelvin's approach hopefully will work for you until then.

All the best!

Hi  @arnold_cassie .  

Since there has been no update to this question in a while, I am going to go ahead and mark this as "assumed answered". This doesn't change the ability to post to the thread in the future, and the status can be altered later if appropriate.

All the best!

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The solution (workaround) with assigning assignment quizzes 0 points does not work for public courses. This is what I just posted on another page:


As far as we understand "assignment quizzes" cannot be added to public courses even if the assignment is worth 0 points. If practice quizzes will remain unsupported for public courses then we will be forced to migrate all of our courses to another LMS or app. But this will pose a burden in itself, since there is no financial support, subject experts, or time to do this. Since this was paid for with federal grants, it would be a waste of tax payer money if the courses become unavailable. Likewise the big expenses caused by migrating the courses would also be a waste of tax payer money. Needless to say that a lot of instructors nationwide and internationally have become dependent on the Canvas courses we created. So if the courses became unavailable, it wouldn't just effect our university. Especially devastating would be the impact on poor and underserved communities around the world. Removing this feature would also  be counterproductive to Canvas' efforts of participating in Open Education, as Canvas tried to do just this with Canvas Commons. It seems like public courses which have helped efforts of Open Education have become less important to Canvas, leaving a lot of open educators stranded.

So, here is my question: Is there a roadmap for being able to integrate practice quizzes in public courses with New Quizzes or has that option been abandoned completely?