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Practice quizzes cannot be used in public courses with New Quizzes, making migration impossible

Our center (located at a large university which uses Canvas) is required by federal grants to create open and free (higher ed) course resources (OER). Since 2015, we have created many large public Canvas courses to fulfill those requirments. The availability and ability to use practice (ungraded) quizzes in public courses was the main reason for us to use Canvas. Unfortunately, the feature was dropped in the new version and currently there is no way to use practice quizzes in public courses with the New Quizzes,  only "assignment quizzes" are allowed. As far as we understand "assignment quizzes" cannot be added to public courses even if the assignment is worth 0 points. If practice quizzes will remain unsupported for public courses then we will be forced to migrate all of our courses to another LMS or app. But this will pose a burden in itself, since there is no financial support, subject experts, or time to do this. Since this was paid for with federal grants, it would be a waste of tax payer money if the courses become unavailable. Likewise the big expenses caused by migrating the courses would also be a waste of tax payer money. Needless to say that a lot of instructors nationwide and internationally have become dependent on the Canvas courses we created. So if the courses became unavailable, it wouldn't just effect our university. Especially devastating would be the impact on poor and underserved communities around the world. Removing this feature would also  be counterproductive to Canvas' efforts of participating in Open Education, as Canvas tried to do just this with Canvas Commons. It seems like public courses which have helped efforts of Open Education have become less important to Canvas, leaving a lot of open educators stranded.

So, here is my question: Is there a roadmap for enabling practice quizzes in public courses with New Quizzes or has that option been abandoned completely?

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