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Printed Answers for Essay questions in NewQuizzes.

In New Quizzes, one can "Print key (With Answers)", but for Essay Questions it DOES NOT print the contents of the "Grading Notes", as expected. As a result, there is no difference between "Print key (With Answers)" and "Print Blank Quiz".

This is for an Examination, which needs externalling...

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Hi @AlanRobertClark not sure this helps but when I did a test and went back through the release videos I found that the printing of the "results" of a quiz showed different information than the printing of the "blank quiz with answer key".

  • The blank quiz with answer key available on the Build tab of the new quizzes shows some answers but excludes the feedback information from questions as well as the grading notes on essay questions.
  • If you go under the Moderate tab instead and select a specific attempt and then Print Results, the questions, how the student performed and the feedback and grading notes all appear on the printed results page.
  • Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 1.57.46 PM.png

So if you could send a student's specific results to a grader in this way potentially.  But you might put in a feature request for Grading Notes to appear on the quiz+answer key as that makes a lot of sense if the other "answers" are there as it is the answer to that question.  


(Try Again: First answer died...)

Thank you for your Reply, Melanie. The specific Use Case for me is slightly different, however, as I need to enable the External Examiner to moderate the examination before it is run. ie The External needs to see all the "Answers".