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Printing Quizzes

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I know that printing quizzes while using an online learning platform seems a bit silly, but we have students who have 504's and IEP's that explicitly state they are not to test online so being able to print quizzes is very important. I was really excited about the new quizzes because when I watched the video about it from InstructureCon I was pretty sure they said that we would be able to print quizzes cleanly. Is this a feature that has been removed from the roadmap? I need to know so I can begin preparing digital copies of all my tests. 

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there doesn't appear to be any way to print out a quiz on paper. This is another big big flaw in Canvas. I don't know why any school still uses Canvas.

Has this been resolved?

@cdohertySCS -

Yes for new quizzes - I don't know what it looks like,but that option is available:

see Printing New Quizzes  

For classic quizzes, it is possible with some user java scripts