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Pull Certain Number of Questions from a Bank

One of the most important features of the current quiz engine in Canvas is the ability to grab a certain number of questions randomly. You can either put questions in the group or use a question bank like so:

Current Quiz Engine Question Group Ability

There appears to be no such feature for and this is disappointing. We use this feature all of the time at our institution. It really is a better way to test students making it so they do not all have the same test questions. It also can provide important formative assessment since we can allow students to take the quiz several times and receive different questions each time and they can use the quiz to study. I hope this is on the road map but, if not I would suggest it.

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I agree.  Being able to randomize questions is a necessity.  

Community Champion

I agree. This existing feature is needed,  if it's not already under development. 

Hi  @timothy_maw ,  @levesque ‌, and vanzandt,

Take a look at this lesson and see if it might fit the need of what you are trying to do:‌. Once you have selected the Add All/Random button in an item bank, you can edit the group of questions to determine how many questions are pulled randomly from the bank.