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QTI 1.1.3 import - why not?

I see in How do I import an assessment from a QTI package in New Quizzes? that New Quizzes only supports imports from QTI 1.2 and 2.x.

I can fully understand why Legacy Quizzes can't import QTI 2.x -- certain question types don't exist in Legacy Quizzes. However, why can't this earlier QTI definition, which does match a subset of question types in New Quizzes, not be supported? That is, why draw the line for backwards compatibility at QTI 1.2?

My primary difficulty? The current version ( of Respondus QTI publishing provides two options for export:

  • QTI xml file vs 1.2
  • QTI zip file vs 1.1.3

The Canvas Import process will upload a file (though the file filter shows .zip, .imscc, .mbz, .xml), and when selecting the exported QTI 1.2 xml file for either Legacy or New Quiz, that import results in a failure.

If you choose the zip file version and indicate "New Quizzes" during the import, a New Quiz is created with no content. This is in line with the supported QTI version, though I would suggest that NO quiz be created and that the import end with an error indicating the version discrepency.

I will follow-up with Respondus to update their capabilities. (Yes, I also know about the Respondus ability to publish directly to Canvas -- but that is only for Legacy quizzes.)

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Aaron,

As of now, you are correct in that New Quizzes doesn't support other QTI versions. As for third-party tools such as Respondus, Canvas recently integrated with their LockDown Browser, but ultimately I think you'll want to put your vote into Contacting Respondus is also a good idea about seeing their plans to integrate; right now integrating with third-party vendors is still based on custom code, and Respondus may be interested in furthering their product within Canvas.