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QTI Files and Item Bank Importing

Heading into instcon19‌, I have some questions about Quizzes.Next that have been brought up by some of our instructors as we talk about the need for a Great Migration of quizzes, if Quizzes.Next is expected to be the main quiz engine in 2020.

1. When will Canvas update compatibility for QTI 3.0 file types? If an instructor is using an item bank with a QTI file type, they are unable to import them into Quizzes.Next. They import into Legacy Quizzes fine. So the workflow then becomes import the 3.0 file into Quizzes, export from Canvas as a QTI file, and then reimport it into Quizzes.Next. This is a lot of work for something that could be addressed by making Quizzes.Next compatible with QTI 3.0 files. Thoughts on this?

2. A possible workaround would be to upload the QTI file into Canvas, create a legacy quiz, and then migrate it over to Quizzes.Next. The problem, though, arises when trying to move those questions into an Item Bank inside of Quizzes.Next. There is no way to bulk add questions into an Item Bank, or if there is, I haven't found it. So, the instructor would have to go into each question and individually add it to the item bank desired. 

These are tedious processes that could, in my non-engineering mind, be rectified easily. Perhaps there's more to what I'm asking, but does anyone else have this issue? Anyone else have any workarounds that could work?

I appreciate all your help and input!

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And, Jesus, after being away from Canvas for almost a year, I logged back in to see if I could export all the quizzes I developed in the LTI "New Quiz" section. It looks like I will never be able to get my work in a useful format. I cannot believe how poorly the new quiz engine has been rolled out and how basic features are missing and not planned to be implemented. What happened to you, Instructure? You used to be golden. Now you are bloated and unable to do the simplest of things.

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Well, first, it hasn't been rolled out.  It is still in BETA so that features can be tested an put on par with the old engine.  Old QTI format file should still be importable into the exist quiz engine and eventually migrated to the new one.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Alan,

Just checking in since your question was last posted. According to our Ideas page, I haven't been able to find an idea that suggests anyone wants New Quizzes to support QTI 3.0. If this is still important to you, please submit a new idea so that others can find it and vote as well. Feature ideas show our product team the need for an idea and how features are being used.



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All the material I developed in 2018 in New Quizzes can still not be exported out. It's stuck and can't be transferred to Old Quizzes, where I could export it. Nor can in be exported. It's just "Dead In the Water Quizzes."