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QTI files from Respondus do not import

Instructor used Respondus to make a QTI file that they tried to upload into an Item Bank in the Quizzes LTI. At the last moment it wouldn’t import. Screen shots and files attached.

1st image is why instructor thought it could be done (and it worked just like it should until it wouldn’t upload the QTI file.
2nd image is the error message.
Also attached are the two QTI files that Respondus generated.  They are pretty much identical, except once she tried with the TYPE: MC line and once without (because for Multiple Choice you don’t need to put in the type). 
In case you want to see what Respondus generated these files from, see the .doc that the instructor put in to Respondus.
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Quizzes.Next only supports QTI versions 1.2 and 2.1. Earlier versions, such as 1.1, are not supported

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Deactivated user...

We also use Respondus (Respondus 4.0: Exam Authoring Tool) to batch-upload several quiz questions at one time into a Canvas quiz.  Typically, instructors will either:

  • Give us a file with the questions/answers, and we format it for them so that Respondus reads the files and pushes those questions into a Canvas course.
  • Format the file themselves, give it to us, and we use Respondus to upload the questions into Canvas.

Once the new quizzing engine is "live" for people to use, I think I remember you saying in a presentation (or maybe I talked to you at CanvasCon 2016) that we could convert quizzes in the current Canvas format to the new quizzing engine, correct?  What happens when the current quizzing interface retires?  I'm not sure that we'll be able to continue to use Respondus the way we have.  We don't do a lot of work with QTI files right now, and so this may be of concern for us down the road when it comes to batch-uploading.

Hello Chris,

We have not made decisions on end-of-life timelines yet, so the Canvas Quizzes Classic to Quizzes.Next pathway is still a possibility to solve this particular issue.  We fully intend on supporting partner integrations as the toolset continues to mature into general availability. I don't have a timeline for possibility yet, but we will share more as we can.


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Same here, the QTI XML for LMS generated by Respondus 4 is 1.1.3, but the new quiz requires 1.2, it is so frustrating with the import.

I also contacted Respondus to see if they have a way to upgrade 1.1.3 to 1.2, have not received any info back from them yet.

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The only alternative walkaround that I found out works like this: you import the v1.1.3 QTI to canvas the same good old way as you have been using since forever, then you export the quiz with all questions ( usually, generated by the system) as a zip file. Then you reimport this zip file to the New Quiz as an item bank, then you can start playing with the random selection in the new interface. It is cumbersome as it can be, but it works. I don't know when they will drop the Legacy for all, if that happens, I am not sure importing the QTI will continue to work.