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Question Banks/Item banks

Everything I've read states that if you migrate a quiz that pulls questions from a question bank, they will not migrate over to New Quizzes. I have a classic quiz that pulls questions from a question bank (via a question group). I migrated that today and 66 out of 103 questions migrated over. Has anyone else experienced this?

**Edit** Update: The quiz was migrated from Blackboard, so I assume that is why the Item Bank was created? When I migrated a quiz that originated in Canvas it did not pull the questions or create an item bank. This is interesting. 

Also, on the New Quiz, there is a question group linked to the Item Bank that was created. When I click on Item Banks I can type the name of the bank in the search bar and find the bank. But if I try to find it by changing the drop-down to All My Course Banks, nothing appears. Also, since I am an admin, I do see many other item banks even though no one is using New Quizzes yet.  

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Nope, unfortunately all of my Question Banks do not 'yet' transfer over to New Quizzes, but hopefully in the future they will.

The filter "All my course banks" is newer, I just saw it pop up recently.  Initially New Quizzes has been designed such that Item Banks are tied to users instead of the course but they are moving towards allowing for some kind of Course Bank option in the future so I think this filter is just the first step towards rolling out additional Item Bank options.  

For my institution there are several features needed for Item Banks to be easily used in courses in which they are copied amongst many faculty and faculty may/may not be ones that should customize and update their own versions of the banks.  So hopefully we'll see additional Item Bank features and migration options over the next few months as we moved towards migration.


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Quiz question migration, from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, is not yet a function of the New Quizzes tools.  The Admin New Quizzes Readiness Checklist lists this as a known future capability needed for mass migration and it is listed as a Roadmap item for Q4 2021.

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