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Surveyor II

Question Groups in New Quizzes

What happens to Question Groups in New Quizzes when they are migrated from Classic Quizzes? See

Where can you find the Question Groups? And can you edit them?

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Learner II

Same theme for my question - the New Questions job aid says "All quiz questions in the group will be displayed in assessment preview." - but how are the questions Edited?  Are they in banks now?  If I edit the question in a bank, does it change it in the test?  The fact that I cannot see the questions in Instructor view is a big problem.

The question is in the bank, when you change it in the bank, it changes it in the quiz (for any student who has not yet taken the quiz.)  The block that pulls from the bank states the bank title in the first line.  The top of the page has a item bank button that opens a right side menu.  Banks can be selected by title, and all of the questions are listed there.  Clicking one opens it fully.