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Questions from InstructureCon

I have just finished watching the New Quizzes session at InstructureCon 2021.  I still have a number of questions and concerns.

  1. July 2022?  Really? there are a number New Quiz features that are not working and many of my faculty are very concerned about trying out this new tool when many features are not working.
  2. We have been trying to copy some of the new Quizzes that have been built into new course shells.  This seems to be stuck with spinning icon that times out.
  3. Migration of Test Banks to Item Banks.  Please make this a simple as possible!
  4. Add RCE to all question types we have tried to be creative in Classic quizzes to add audio and video and really need this feature to move forward.

I know there are more concerns but some of us feel like we are being forced into a corner.


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