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Quiz Builder Template

Can you help us find a Template for Quiz Building that we can share with teachers who don't use canvas to fill in all the question details and provide it to the Canvas team/users who can then build the quizzes on canvas using that document (most probably a spreadsheet)?

If anyone has built such a template and would like to share it, will be greatly appreciated. I am finding a similar template for Classic Quizzes too. 

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While we don't have a template, our institution has used a product called Respondus that allows us to convert Word documents into assessments in Classic Quizzes. We know that Respondus will offer the same capabilities for New Quizzes once the development finalizes.


Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the suggestion. It looks like Respondus 4.0 does not work on Macbooks which is the device I use and most of our teachers. But I'll reach out to them to make sure. 


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You should look into Mastery Connect. It is an Instructure product.