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Community Coach

Quiz Items Not Copying to New Courses

When you copy course content into a new course, the Quizzes LTI assessments do copy over, but they are striped of their items during the copy.

For me, at least, this is a must fix situation. The faculty I have participating in the Beta are primarily building in their sandboxes, then planning to deploy to active classrooms.

I have informed me faculty, but they are going to be disappointed to have to redo their work.

Thank you!


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Adventurer II

Thank you for posting about this.  I have to agree that this is a "must fix". Our faculty will have the expectation that importing course content will include their complete quizzes.

Community Member

We have the same concern. Our teachers build in a Course Shell in which they are all teachers and then import content into their own classes. They are currently unable to import the external tool or if they make it as an assignment and add the external tool, when they import, it comes over empty. Also, if one teachers builds an item bank in their shared Course Shell, the other teachers cannot see the item banks. Only the teacher who created it can see them. This is a HIGH priority because we have teams who currently have over 200 question banks in Canvas quizzes and will likely want to be able to make an import more over time. 


This is a feature we intend to build in the very near future.

Thanks yet again, Jason!

So far you are working through the concerns with all the right answers!

When this puppy grows up to be a working dog, I'm sure it will be the lead in my sled team!


We may be one of the few places using this in live courses, but for us the urgency is great. Faculty rely on being able to copy material from a previous quarter into their new course shells each quarter, and some of them started creating content in the Fall, so might be looking for it in Spring. Any chance this will be in place by the end of March, Jason?

Hi!  It's good to hear there is a fix in the works.     I heard that copying quizzes won't be working in Blueprint courses, however.   Will that be put on the radar as well?

Learner II

We save our quizzes on the Item Bank , and then we don't have to doing again from the beginning.

Hi Eduard:  That's great if the quizzes can copy via Banks.  But then do they have to be re-deployed to the correct place in various modules?

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That is great news that a fix is on its way. this is also true when using the migrate button that recently appeared. If this is remedied then the migrate button will be pretty slick!