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Quiz Migration and Feedback

Hello! We are starting a SLOW rollover to the New Quizzes LTI and are having more instructors experiment to get them familiar with the tool and hopefully engage their students through it. In doing so, one instructor found that when a quiz is migrated, the feedback does not migrate with the quiz. So, here are my questions:

  1. Is this a known issue that feedback does not migrate between legacy and new quizzes?
  2. Is there a plan for this feature to be included in future updates to New Quizzes?
  3. Finally, is there a "we're working on these features" list around New Quizzes, just so we can know what is intended and not intended at this point in the game?


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Community Champion

When I've done testing, the question level feedback transfers (i.e. general feedback) but the answer level feedback does not transfer.  I'd be curious if you experience something different.

I was hoping this would be fixed in migrations in the future as the multiple choice answer-level feedback was rolled out a bit later than the initial Quizzes.Next but it looks like it's not yet working.

Would love to hear if this is in the development phase as well!


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I had this problem also. When an old quiz is migrated to Quizzes Next, the feedback does NOT go with it. At least not apparent when initially grading it. I discovered that the "general feedback" IS there, but does not appear until AFTER I do the grading and hit "update"! That is not helpful to the grader.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Alan,

Our product team is aware that there are a lot of improvements to be made to New Quizzes. As I'm not sure if that behavior is intended or not, I'd recommend submitting a support case so that our Support team can investigate. They can take a look and see if the code is intended to do so but isn't functioning correctly, or if the functionality just doesn't exist yet. If it doesn't, I'd recommend submitting a feature idea in the Ideas space to get your idea documented for our product team. They're using the Ideas space to keep track of enhancement ideas, so your idea is important!