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Quiz Submission Results and Essay Questions

Currently, upon student submission of a quiz containing essays, the result report that displays doesn't present very well the fact that the shown quiz score does not take into account ungraded essays.

Do your students find this result report to be confusing? One of my faculty members has been receiving comments from students who are confused. I can see the student thinking, "Sure, those questions need graded. Don't they all?" without any thought toward that statement indicating that the reported grade might not be accurate or final. The image below shows the current report and my suggestion.

Student view of Quizzes.Next submission grading results showing suggestions mentioned in text of posting.

First off, I really like the text provided on each essay question that clearly indicates the question is "waiting for a grade."

My suggestion is that the information warning (in blue in the image) shoud say something more like, "Score does not reflect ## questions waiting to be graded." -- which has more direct meaning to the student than the current, "## questions require

grading." This would apply to essay questions and any other question types where instructor grading needs to happen.

Further, the student (depending on notification settings) receives an email message about their (currently) graded submission. That message should include the same clarity regarding questions waiting to be graded.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Aaron,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. It's been a bit since you originally submitted this idea, and if it's still important to you, I'd recommend reviewing existing ideas related to essay questions and see if there's one relevant to this situation. If not, feel free to create a new one (you'd probably need two so that our product team can easily separate the notifications issue from the speedgrader issue).