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Quizzes LTI and LockDown Browser

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Is there a plan to make the new Quizzes LTI compatible with LockDown Browser? 

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Hey Ted, that's pretty much it in a nutshell for us too.  Enough already with the 'shiny shiny' feature releases - and start dealing with the fundamental system-level issues (particularly in assessment) - that mean the platform can be used robustly, programmatically and at scale.

When you consider that our business basically boils down to 1) teaching and 2) assessment - it's amazing how far behind 2) is.

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All of my old opinions still stand. Things have not improved. Those who prefer Canvas simply must not know what they are missing.

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I'm wondering, Ted, if you and your institution have a communication channel to your Customer Success Manager (CSM). We meet with ours as a consortium fairly regularly and I've been asking them for regular updates about New Quizzes. She made us aware of the slated Q2 timeline for RLB + Monitor support for New Quizzes several weeks before this updated published timeline: User Group: New Quizzes 

All the CSMs we've had over the course of our license for the past 8 years have been fabulous. We've been with Canvas/Instructure since almost the earliest days of the product. There have been some bumps along the way, but they've always strived for transparency when bumps have been encountered. 

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The support our institution receives (which, again, is the largest university in the USA and certainly a significant client of Instructure, I would imagine) seems to be limited to CSM's suggesting that faculty continue to submit feature requests (even when the requests are clearly bug reports) and hope for enough votes for those feature requests to even get on Instructure's radar. Knowing timelines for future deployment is simply not useful. We teach classes now, and we are not going to go back and overhaul a class just to take advantage of some feature we asked for 2 years ago. The problem seems to be that Instructure has dumped all of its investment into public and customer relations and apparently very little into development. I would be happy hearing even less from Instructure if it meant that "features" are implemented (and bugs are fixed!) in a timely fashion. I don't want to be handled by Instructure; I want Instructure to handle continuous development and improvement of their software.

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I've been sent down the "request a feature" route before too. That's no fun if that's what your CSM is constantly doing. This specific issue with New Quizzes is frustrating because in order to get a not-fully baked feature developed, is that you have to get some real user usage in order to get feedback to the product team. 

New Quizzes has created this love-hate relationship for Canvas users because on the one hand it solves some shortcomings with the original quizzing engine, but has this feature parity gap that has taken much too long to bring into fruition. In my opinion, Instructure put this on themselves and made their clientele pay for it by putting this out to users as part of the main feature set, but not as a 100% complete solution. I see lots of questions on the community that relate to fixes needed on the classic quizzes only to be told to wait until New Quizzes is complete. 

I can only repeat what our CSM has stated: that hopefully the Respondus feature will be ready sometime in the April, May, June time frame. This will make our nursing instructors feel more confident in the way they prepare their students for NCLEX testing.  

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There are certainly a lot of practical problems when a development team does not include instructional professionals and requires its paid users to do the testing and ideation for them, but that's why other software developers include users among its ranks and require a bit of "dogfooding." So that suggests the question – why aren't there instructional professionals on the development side of Instructure? 

In this particular case, being able to lock down Quizzes Next/New Quizzes is not an advanced feature; it is so very basic that not having it is a non-starter.

There are minor flaws in New Quizzes – like the fact that general feedback on an essay question is unreadable until that essay question is graded – but there are workarounds for those. There are no workarounds for New Quizzes being unable to be secured in testing environments. 

Two other related headaches on the horizon that I am surprised I have heard very little about:

  • Respondus 4.0 (the Desktop quiz-making application that allows for importing Word-composed quizzes, like those paper quizzes being rapidly converted to online during COVID19) only works with the classic Quizzes
  • The migration tool from classic Quizzes to New Quizzes is undoubtedly going to be imperfect. I only hope it is significantly better than the migration tool from BlackBoard to Canvas quizzes. I basically had to re-design all of my formula questions, and questions that used images were very fragile to how those quizzes were imported from BlackBoard. Certainly things should be better from classic to New Quizzes... Right?
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You would think that Instructure is listening to academic professionals when it comes to initiatives like New Quizzes. I was invited to their headquarters for their Khaki 2017 event. This was a focus group of several customer demographics (K-12 and Higher Ed) that were given some insights to the development process in April 2017. We were asked to create user stories for what existing features needed to be enhanced or what features were missing. We came up with 50 things that all have since had some developer attention or have since become new features.  At this time, I don't think New Quizzes was on the table of what was most important to work on. In fact, I can't even remember if it existed at the time. The Khaki 2018 event (which I wasn't invited to) seems to have spawned twice that many: Khaki 2018 Update 

Possible (but not confirmed) delays in the current development process may be related to Instructure's engineers having to be quarantined, and the recent sale to Thoma Bravo: Thoma Bravo Instructure Acquisition 


We greatly appreciated your participation in the Khaki II (Khaki 2018 Update) , and we appreciated the diverse perspectives from those that attended the first Khaki (Memories from Khaki 2015)  It was so fun to be a part of those!

We are always seeking to improve feedback opportunities! No system is every perfect, but as you've experienced we enjoy trying new things. There are pros and cons to a robust feature idea system like the one we moderate, but the pro that outweighs them all is the opportunity to hear direct ideas and problems from the direct users! Votes are good an dandy, but as we've said before (and as you saw at Khaki) the use cases and stories are what matter most!

Our Product and Engineering teams are doing some pretty awesome work as they all work from home (fun fact: some are remote even when are offices are open).  The Ideas page has been getting more regular updates, more frequent blogs are being posted to help explain more of the 'why' of features, and the User Group: New Quizzes‌ has a clear timeline that is also being updated more frequently!  I think you already know all this, but it's nice to see in one place!  

  * By the way - Respondus Lockdown Browser is on that Timeline *

Ted, it is correct that your direct lines to share your ideas are either through the feature ideas process and/or through your local Canvas Admin. I hope you find power in knowing that your voice gets to be heard directly and individually through this awesome Community and not filtered!


Whenever possible, please use links over images so that people always have the most accurate information.  Here are two helpful links as people seek to know more on the New Quizzes timeline.

User Group: New Quizzes 

Thanks, Renee!