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Quizzes LTI and Question Banks

Will the new Quizzes LTI eventually have the ability to import Question Banks from the traditional Quizzes?  I see it is not currently a feature in the Comparison Chart, but will that be updated in beta or moving forward?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi I had this question and found a way, if it helps and you have discovered something already!  Here is what I did....

I wanted to make some training material for folks at our institution who would like to use the Quizzes LTI beta feature.  My intent was to create a sample quiz in one of my training course shells and show features of the new system.  I really didn't want to create questions from scratch since I have so many question banks in other courses, and notices that in the Quizzes LTI there is an "import content" option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (can't be used once questions are added to the quiz, by the way).  

I took one of my regular courses and exported all of the quizzes using the export feature, which downloaded as a zip file to my computer.  Next, I tried to import this into the quizzes LTI feature and received this notice.


I thought that maybe the export didn't generate the right file type ("QTI 1.2 and 2.x (.zip) files only") so investigated if there was a way to download the QTI file for a question bank and upload it separate from all of my quiz banks (one at a time).  I found this discussion Download Question Banks into a Readable File Format‌‌ where Ken Black referenced this explanation by‌‌, Export individual question banks‌‌.

I tried this and was able to export a single quiz with a few question banks attached.  After a while of testing I found the following.

  • If I export a single unpublished quiz where I add a question groups to the quiz that linked to my question banks, it appears as though the content should have imported (says it was successful) but I see no questions (although if I add a question myself it numbers my question as though there were others imported.)
  • If I create my quiz in the old engine by selecting questions from a number of question banks so that the actual questions appear on the quiz and not just the fact that it is drawing from those banks, then export this, it seems to work ok.  When I import the zipped content into a bank in the Quizzes LTI tool it brings over all of the questions.

Hope this helps!  It will save me some time.



Sorry for the late response.

The ability to import Question Banks from the traditional Quizzes to Quizzes.Next LTI is not planned during the beta. There are some other features, however, that may improve the existing export-import options. The underlying functionality for the quiz migration process is being expanded and that work will improve both the exports from Canvas and the import abilities in Quizzes.Next LTI.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  I am going back to older questions about Quizzes.Next to see if any updates are appropriate.  Since my first reply, and do to updates in Quizzes.Next functionality, there is a better way to move questions for a question bank in the classic quizzing system to Quizzes.Next.  I describe the process in the thread of this question, Basically, the process involves creating a classic quiz with all of the questions from a bank and exporting this to a QTI file, then importing this directly into a question bank created in Quizzes.Next.  I'm not sure if this helps in your current situation, but thought I would bring it up.

As there hasn't been a reply to this post for quite a while, I am going to go ahead and mark the question as "assumed answered".  If you feel as though one of the replies is correct, please feel free to mark it as so.  Being marked answered or assumed answered would not stop someone from posting another response when appropriate.

Best wishes!