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Quizzes.Next Answers and Student Feedback

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Just using Quizzes.Next for the first time and encountering several issues that will make it difficult to implement.  I previously posted a question about previewing quizzes.  We have significant concern about the fact that it looks like you cannot prevent students from seeing the correct answers after they take a quiz.  Not all of our quizzes are formative, is there a way to turn this off like there is in the previous version?  See attachment from current quiz options.

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This feature is in development.

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This feature is in development.

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Learner II

Please confirm that while a quiz is muted, the student will be able to see what they submitted but also, as stated above, they will NOT be able to see correct/incorrect markings.

Right now there is no way for students to confirm what they submitted to a quiz if the quiz is muted even if you allow them to see their responses. 

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Jason, is this feature still in development? Because we can't implement it University wide without the ability to toggle on/off show correct/incorrect answers after submission (or after due date, etc.).

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Is there an ETA for this?  I am setting up courses for the fall.  My use of depends on the availability of this feature.  If it's not there, I won't use it.

I am wondering the exact same thing. We are trying to get things set for September but can't move forward without this in place. So frustrating. I was looking around on here today in hopes of having this resolved.


Hi all,

This feature has continued to move through phases of development. It is something we understand is important to many users.

Unfortunately I cannot commit to its availability by September, but will update as things change.

I can tell you that the feature for Quizzes.Next will offer greater control than Canvas Quizzes.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments



I was also aiming to use Quizzes Next from September 2018 but now I think it's better to wait and stick with Quizzes. Ideally we would have full control over what feedback students see and when they see it, particularly for summative assessment. Quizzes give us much of this control already.

My immediate hopes for Quizzes.Next are to have:

  • Control over the feedback settings, similar to quizzes but with an easier to understand interface. This would include the ability to hide the final score, and not just the questions, submitted answers, correct answers, incorrect answers and feedback comments.
  • A distinction between a 'preview' option that accurately reflects the student view and a 'review' option that presents all questions that could be presented (ie from a bank).
  • Compatibility with a secure browser such as Respondus (to prevent copying and pasting, access to messaging applications, other types of online communication).
  • Where dropdown selection box are used, the arrow icon to the right of the box should be clickable (this may just be a Firefox issue, I haven't tested in other browsers). I don't seem to be able to select an option without clicking the main part of the dropdown box, to me this conflicts with web usability norms.
  • Speedgrader integration (similar to Quizzes).
  • The ability to record audio/video directly into the question via the Rich Text Editor.

Things to consider  for the future...

  • Quiz version transparency. E.g if you edit a question after some (but not all) students have completed the quiz, having an easy way to make the distinction between quiz versions when marking would be helpful.
  • Control over edit/access rights to question banks and the ability to import question banks.
  • A 'question type' that allows test takers to draw simple shapes (lines, squares, circles) and possibly even freehand over an image (scored manually).
  • The ability to display  any 'question type' in a course content page (not just in a quiz)  as an interactive formative exercise in the context of surrounding materials (similar to embedding a H5P activity).