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Community Champion

Quizzes.Next Auto-Grading does not finish

Description of the Bug:

  • After submitting a quiz (in student view or as real student) the wheel next to Auto-Grading keeps going and wont stop or finish


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open (latest version) of Google Chrome
  2. Create a Quizzes.Next quiz, add questions and publish
  3. Activate Student View or log in as a real student
  4. Complete the quiz and click Submit
  5. 276213_pastedImage_2.png stays visible

This document was generated from the following discussion: [Quizzes.Next Auto-Grading does not finish]

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @stelpstra , I know that you recently posted this question, but do you know if your problem is still occurring? Out of curiosity I checked in my sandbox using Chrome 66 and FireFox 59.  In both browsers, the autograding function seemed to work ok.  Maybe whatever was causing this has since been resolved?

All the best!

Community Champion

Hi ericwerth‌, I still have this issue. I also created a new quiz, imported a QTI, made some changes and also with this quiz it is not auto-grading. I've requested a colleague to test it also and I'm waiting for his response.

That's unfortunate  @stelpstra .  Please let me know what you find out from your colleague.  Either way, I would suggest that you contact Canvas support and let them know what you are experiencing.  They may be able to help you figure out what is happening as well.  When you do learn what is causing this, please post an update.  It will be helpful if someone here runs into the same problem!

Community Champion

My colleague tested it with the same quiz and Auto-Grading did not finish either. In the meantime I learned how to track network traffic from activity in a browser from developer tools and export it to a HAR file with all the details. Using an analyser service this is happening:


There are a lot of 304 status codes which is related to browser cache: 304 Not Modified - HTTP | MDN 

"The HTTP 304 Not Modified client redirection response code indicates that there is no need to retransmit the requested resources. It is an implicit redirection to a cached resource. This happens when the request method is safe, like a GET or a HEAD request, or when the request is conditional and uses a If-None-Match or a If-Modified-Since header."

The HAR file contains sensitive data (e.g. authorization details), so I cannot share it here. I will send it to Canvas Support. Would it be of any value to share the ticket number here? I could also post their response in this thread.

Thanks for the update  @stelpstra .  The ticket number would be helpful.  That way if someone else has a similar issue they can contact Support and provide your ticket number and be added to the case.  Everyone on the case will be contacted when updates are made.  I believe it would also be helpful if you were to let us know what you learn from Support.  While I haven't experienced this before, if I or others do in the future, knowing the response from Support even if we are not on the case would be great.

Thanks again!

Community Champion

Hi ericwerth‌, the case number is 03201092. I will post updates once we know more. Thanks.


Hello  @stelpstra ‌,

Thank you for posting here and following up with a formal support request.

There have been some recent updates to how we handle certain things that are likely to be cached. These updates may change the results you have experienced so far. I would encourage you to check again.

The support process will do several things and I am confident it is proceeding properly, but I wish I had been able to respond earlier and will share the questions that come to mind in the hope that something helps.

  • Are all students in the course affected?
  • Are all Quizzes.Next assessments in the course affected?
  • If you created another course, added the same affected users, and had them take a Quizzes.Next assessment, what happens?


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


New Member

I know that this thread is a year old, but I thought I'd reply since I just had this problem and was looking for answers.

I had the stuck on auto-grade problem; however, I discovered that the problem seems to stem from the margin of error setting. I had it set at absolute with the +/- set at zero. After I changed it to non-zero the auto-grade started working correctly.

Thanks for the information  @dicksjh  It is nice to know what worked!

All the best---