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Quizzes.Next Preview function

Hi- it is critical to have a preview available within the quiz itself.  It looks like currently we can only preview from student view which means that the quiz has to be published in order to preview.  If we publish, the students can view.  Is there a work around for this?

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If I delete the Test Student it seems I would need to create that student all over again to preview tests and other elements of the course. So  each time I want to preview the exam, I will have to make sure the previous test student was deleted, add a new one, preview my test, then delete the student again. This seems like a lot of steps. A simple preview button makes more sense. I wish Canvas had a better suggestion and issue ticketing system that created a greater sense of urgency, then a discussion board that may or may not be monitored by developers. 


Yes(!) The lack of a true preview function would be the main reason we are not ready to roll this out in live courses (the others being that the access code is not encrypted, and mute not 'muting'...).  Faculty don't want to open a quiz during a course just to preview it...and many faculty make edits during the term.  

And if it's a new tool with new options I want to heavily promote previewing and checking the quiz to be sure it's what they expect....I don't want to tell them not to preview it....  


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I am new hi 


We have an official announcement that it is going to be available on August 17, 2019, according to the release notes.

Preview button in the Build page


Many settings will work in the preview. Here are the following settings:

  • Shuffle questions
  • One question at a time (with/without backtracking)
  • Time limit
  • Calculators (basic/scientific)
  • Restrict student result view (when viewing the results)

The following settings will not work in previews at this time:

  • Student access codes. This can be an issue when testing with proctoring software such as the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  • IP address filtering. We don't want to get locked out during previews.
  • Multiple attempts. There is no way to test the waiting period between preview attempts.
  • Moderation and accommodations. At this time, there is no way to test for extra attempts and extended time limits.

Assessment preview for students


You will be able to submit the assessment and check the results.

Restrict student view settings for students display in the preview for instructors

If you see something not looking right at any time, especially when it comes to embedded videos, formula-based questions, and careless mistakes when marking the correct answers, click X to return to the editor and try to fix the errors.

If you're creating a survey, make sure that Restrict Student Result View is ON and that the Show points awarded/possible, Indicate response as correct/incorrect, and Show correct answer with incorrect response are turned OFF.

Furthermore, when editing from the Assignments page, set the following settings:

  • Display grade as: Complete/Incomplete
  • Points: 0
  • Do not count this assignment towards the final grade: ON

Hope this helps!


  • If no time limit is set, show the time elapsed (during the assessment, not just after submitting)
  • If One Question at a Time is set, show the progress bar
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Fabulous, I saw that update but this really helps clarify how to use it effectively. 

This makes Quizzes.Next a viable choice now for instructors with straightforward quizzes (that don't use proctoring...would love to see the access code obscured next hint hint Smiley Happy) .