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Learner II

Quizzes.Next question banks do not allow copying beyond the first page of banks?

We have 65 question banks for a course, and we are only in the first half of the semester.
We build quizzes by duplicating questions, but the move/copy menu only populates the first page, so we can't build any more. We can't build this course any more.

Anyone have any ideas on how to help us?

Because Quizzes.Next question banks are not course specific, but tied to a user, we have created a "quiz maker" user just for making the quizzes in this course, which we will give access to to all instructors. We don't want to have several separate quiz banks tied to separate users.

Help, please!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @ken_i_mayer .  I don't have a user with this many question banks to test, but I would have to believe it is bug if you are not given an option to copy a question into all of the question banks you have created.  Have you reported this to Canvas Support to get their insight into the situation?


Thanks--no I hadn't. I thought Canvas people monitored this forum. I will try that.

Folks from Canvas do monitor these forums, particularly those involved in the development of Quizzes.Next.  Submitting a ticket for something that appears to not be working as intended just helps it get into the queue for support to review and develop a fix if indeed it is a bug.  

Please let us know what you hear from support.  My guess is that others will face a similar problem if they are not already and may want to have their information added to a support ticket so they are informed of updates!

So I reported via the Canvas Help button. I wanted to move this question to the "Reported Bugs" list, but I couldn't figure our how to do it.

Learner II

I filed a help ticket, case #03309314. The first two replies could not reproduce the problem, because they only found 15 item banks, probably because they used the wrong account. It's troubling that no one has access to ALL the item banks in a specific course, even on the backend in Instructure.

The final reply said basically, "Sucks to be you--that's the way it is with Canvas drop down menus.":

Hello Kenneth,

Thank you for your response and the video. I see that you are referring to the item banks. I do see the 65 item banks. With most drop down options in Canvas, it will only provide a select number of results. If you search the item bank, will it appear in their field? 

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for contacting Canvas Support! 

Best regards,
Alisia H.

Typing in text to search for later item banks does not work either--it only looks within the first page of 50 items or so. The ajax.get call that populates the dropdown list of Item Banks probably stops at 50.
Here's a link to the 1 minute video showing the problem: Canvas can't find Quizzes Next Item Banks past the first page - YouTube 

I'll convert it to a discussion and it will move it over to that list!

Did you write support back to let them know this did not work?

Yes, I did. I am still waiting a response. It's frustrating that she didn't just check herself to see that when you search for 2nd page item banks in the move/copy pop-up, they do not appear. Well, we can use the work around of renaming the current batches of item banks so that they are alphabetically first. Then we can rename them to punt them out to page 2 or 3. 
What will happen when we're editing 4 pages of item banks later and find some misfiled items? What a horror show.