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Learner II

Quizzes.Next question banks do not allow copying beyond the first page of banks?

We have 65 question banks for a course, and we are only in the first half of the semester.
We build quizzes by duplicating questions, but the move/copy menu only populates the first page, so we can't build any more. We can't build this course any more.

Anyone have any ideas on how to help us?

Because Quizzes.Next question banks are not course specific, but tied to a user, we have created a "quiz maker" user just for making the quizzes in this course, which we will give access to to all instructors. We don't want to have several separate quiz banks tied to separate users.

Help, please!

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Learner II

New message from Canvas Support:

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support, I am Pedro with L2 support and it is my pleasure to assist further. From looking into this further I noticed that our engineers recently became aware of this issue and they are currently working on a fix. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved, but we will keep you notified via email notifications as updates are shaved by our engineering team. 
As a workaround you can re-name the item bank that you would like to move the questions into so that they appear in the first page. 
Do let me know if you have additional questions in the meantime, as it will be my pleasure to assist further.