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Random white pane while editing

Myself and @k_oconnor2 are currently training staff in the use of New Quizzes in a slow transition process.  However, in testing before, and now in the actual training sessions, we are encountering a random white pane taking over a large amount of the screen.  This appears after we have been building the quiz for several minutes and goes away if we refresh the build page.  This clearly doesn't inspire confidence in the lecturers that we are training, but are surprised that it hasn't been mentioned anywhere else on the Canvas Community.  I use Edge, but it has also occurred on Chrome, have any others encountered this?

There is a screenshot attached

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Hey @chadmin ! Thanks for posting. I have been using New Quizzes for training a considerable amount over the last 6 months and I have not seen this issue. I did notice that you have what looks like a 3rd party added feature that put a "Course Chat" button on the bottom of the page. I wonder if there is an issue being caused between that chat application and New Quizzes. I would check with either your Canvas admin or the vendor to see if this is something they could look at.  Hope this helps. Please let us know if you figure it out.

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I don't have much more to add. We've been using New Quizzes now for several years and I've never seen that panel or received any reports of it. It seems like the behavior of a browser extension, but you mentioned seeing it in Edge and you have extensions installed in both browsers? You could also try pulling up the browser console to see if that shines a light on the source of the panel.