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Randomly select a stimulus question

I have two stimulus questions in an item bank, but I want to select only one of those questions at random to include on the test.  I don't see an option to pick only one of those questions when adding to a test.  Is there a way to do this?

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I just want to support the importance of this question for my classes.  I use the feature in every quiz now and need it for the new quiz format to work for me.  I create blocks of questions and have Canvas select a set number from each block, each with a fixed value.  This way, students see a variety of questions in a random order, reducing the chances of cheating. 

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Hi Jonespa1,

The ability to select random questions from New Quizzes item banks works exactly the same as it does in Classic Quizzes question banks. You simply select the +all/random button from the Item Bank pop up and once it has been added to your quiz, you open to edit it and then you can choose whether to use all questions or choose to randomly select questions and how man questions and how many points per question. The only difference is that you have to add the bank questions and then choose how many after they are added rather than do it all at the same time. Hope this makes sense. The functionality is exactly the same, it's just the order of how you do things that is different.


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If you are able to make this work, I'd appreciate instructions. Yes you can bank a stimulus, and you can bank the questions associated with a stimulus, but in my testing you can't import them and keep them together.  When I did a + all/Random the questions imported by the stimulus didn't.  I had to import that separately and it didn't connect with its "children."

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