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Ready for Course-level Outcomes?

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I'm excited to use the new question types found in Quizzes.Next, and I'm even more excited with the capability to link individual questions to Outcomes.

However, I'm very interested in linking course outcomes to questions/banks. What is the plan for this functionality?

Here's what I currently see when trying to link to outcomes. Alas, it is only for Institution outcomes.

Link institution outcomes to Quizzes.Next question_assessment

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Well folks, here's the update I got from Instructure on my ticket related to this topic, my emphasis.

Assessments and individual assessment questions exist within the context of the course, which allows them to able aligned to course Outcomes. However Item Banks exist within the context of the user who creates the Bank, allowing a user to manage and use questions across multiple courses. Because of this, an Item Bank question is not always guaranteed to have access to the same course Outcome, therefor only account Outcomes may be used.

I understand what is being said, here, but that doesn't make the tool any better, really. If I smartly create item banks of questions that are designed to evaluate only one course outcome, each, I will be unable to implement those banks within a Q.N assessment that includes multiple banks and take advantage of Course Outcomes and the Mastery Gradebook. Even if I only use one item bank per assessment, I can't take advantage of them, either, while still enjoying random selection and presentation of questions.

What I glean from this is that I should:

  1. establish an account for each course, discrete enough from other hierarchies so that my Account Outcomes make sense for all courses in the account [my problem happened on the non-credit side of things where everything is lumped together]
  2. establish account outcomes
  3. wait for overnight/eventual outcome synchronization into Q.N
  4. tie account outcomes to each question in an item bank

Something else I was hoping, was to align outcomes (evidently only Institution/Account-level) to an item bank. That would streamline things.

The lingering question... If I am an account=1 user and teach courses across sub-accounts (where outcomes might live), wouldn't my item bank questions be in the same situation (as if course outcomes were used) if applied to an assessment in a course where the relevant account outcomes do not live? -- that is, not always guaranteed to have access to the aligned outcomes...

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @aaron_bahmer , I may be mistaken but I believe that this will work for course outcomes as well.  A week ago I tested this and was able to create sample outcomes in my sandbox course and align them to a quiz or quiz question in Quizzes.Next.  However, as indicated in this discussion, Course Outcomes, some individuals have recently been unable to do this and when I tried again this week I similarly was unable to associate outcomes with quiz questions.  My thought is that what you have noted is not an indication that course-level outcomes cannot be linked but that for some reason outcomes are not being drawn into Quizzes.Next right now.

I started creating a question bank a couple of months ago and wasn't able to align my course outcomes at that time. I checked again today to make the screen shot posted above. Hence the question! Smiley Happy

I'm not sure why I apparently was ok last week but not now.  I've tried different approaches and now can only see objectives I created earlier.  Kevin's response made me think this is a bug, so hopefully it can get fixed!


In looking at this today, I discovered:

  • One CAN align course outcomes to an entire Quizzes.Next assessment.
  • One CAN align course outcomes to an individual question within an assessment, however...
    • Course outcomes are NOT available for alignment with individual questions already in a bank.
  • A course outcome created moments/minutes ago does not show up in the course outcomes available for alignment.

Can others confirm the quiz bank question situation? Thanks.

Hi  @aaron_bahmer .  I just looked in my own sandbox and can confirm what you noted.  More specifically, what I see with a question in an item bank is that there is a button to align an outcome but when this is selected none of the course outcomes are found in the location they would be listed.  Is this what you see as well?  If so I would think this should be submitted separately as a system bug.

I also noticed like you that if I create an outcome, it will be immediately available to align with rubrics in a course but for some period of time not visible in Quizzes.Next assessments.  I am not sure how long the lag is, but eventually these outcomes will be available. 

 @kdougherty1 , is there an process which runs to bring course outcomes into Quizzes.Next at particular points during a day? Is a lag expected behavior?  If so I am guessing that some folks will want to put in a product request to have outcomes be immediately available in Quizzes.Next.  If this is not expected behavior then someone here can submit a separate bug report.  Thanks!

I didn't get to check yesterday, but today the oucome I created on Monday was available in Q.N.

ericwerth, thanks for confirming what I discovered regarding the one way that you can't align course outcomes to Q.N questions. Where do I go to submit this bug?

Anytime  @aaron_bahmer !  You can submit a bug by going to the Quizzes.Next user group, Quizzes.Next User Group. On the right-side of the screen there is a button to report bugs.  It may also be a good idea to submit a support ticket for the same issue so that they can open a case if one isn't already.


Hi  @aaron_bahmer ‌ & ericwerth‌,

I hope that by now your experiences have improved.

The outcomes are synchronized nightly but there can be some further delays. This means that newly created outcomes will not be immediately available in Quizzes.Next. If you are not seeing the outcomes in one place, for example item bank items, but are seeing them elsewhere in Quizzes.Next, please do file a bug.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Thanks for the insight Kevin.  This helps quite a bit to understand when newly created outcomes are available in Quizzes.Next.