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Releases Q&A: 2021-06-19 New Quizzes Item Banks

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-06-19 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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So far, I have been unable to access the Item Banks at any level using the Item Bank tab in the Account or Course menu. Yesterday, I received the cute little Rocket Ship 503- Service Temporarily Unavailable error.


Today, I am getting a 500 error (not as cute, but I think it's an improvement).


I am able to get further in the process though. I will keep working at it. Just wanted to update anyone who was trying it out in Beta. Also wanted to see if anyone else has more success with it.

Lamplighter II

I was getting the message @Cheri_Hamilton is getting last week. I tried this morning and I can get to item banks via a quiz but not from the course menu link. From the course menu link I am still getting a 500 error. 

Lamplighter II

Will the question metadata and search feature within an item bank be included in upcoming release? I really hate losing features. 



Old functionality: you will still have the same features as currently; where it is possible to search within an item bank for metadata/ tags. Note that Beta environments do not support the question filtering in an Item Bank. 

New functionality: It will additionally be possible to search for an item bank by bank name.  I understand that it would be useful to search for an item banks by meta data but that isn't in this initial release. 

You already know snugent, but for anyone else who visits this Release discussion, additional details can be found here: