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Respondus Lockdown Browser and Quizzes LTI

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Our school has a site license for Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor, and this tool is heavily utilized by our faculty.  As Beta testers, we did expect that RLDB would not work with Respondus due to its very nature, but what we did not expect was that Respondus had reached out to Instructure quite a while ago to start collaborative development of an integration that would work, and yet Instructure has not come back to that table (According to Respondus).

When can we anticipate that work will start on a new  RLDB integration?

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We've had individuals asking about using but we are holding off until it works with Respondus LockDown browser.

It's critical that and RLDB are working before we upgrade.


We are  just in the process of planning Quizzes.Next pilots across our institution. Having a secure browser is an essential requirement in certain contexts and I was hoping the RLDB might  be the answer.

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It has been nearly a year since we heard that "We're nearing that time". And now there is talk about removing the BETA from Yet, it still does not appear to integrate with Respondus. I do not feel it needs to lose it's Beta tag until it can work with Respondus. Until it can be locked down, it is not ready for main stream. Few of the teachers in my school have been willing to even give it a try until it works with Respondus and I think a lot of teacher feel that way. :SO, it really is not getting the BETA testing it needs.

1. When will integrate with Respondus

2. When will the old Quiz Tool be removed (because we need to use it until this integration takes place)


Need to ditto all the comments.  It needs to still say beta and should even give a warning that it does not work with Respondus.  Until then, I need to set it administratively to OFF.


Where does this stand?  This issue, along with some of the functional ones, will keep us from implementing Quizzes Next.

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It looks like this discussion has recent posts from clients but nothing from Instructure on what the plan is. I was also planning to do professional development on but our high school staff will not switch if it doesn't work with RLDB. I am very interested in knowing what the plan is about the old quiz generator. Once staff has RLDB, they are not going to give it up which makes the new Quizzes LTI a no go for our teachers.

Community Coach
Community Coach

We have heard nothing new on Quizzes.Next, and definitely nothing about its compatibility with Respondus LDB/Monitor.

While we participated in several rounds of beta testing, I have turned it off in our account.


I suspect more and more schools will do that until the issues [including the Lockdown Browser] are resolved.

  @Renee_Carney ‌  I think some schools and teachers are anxious for answers on the Lockdown Browser, but also on the other issues that remain with Quizzes Next.  Can you help?

Hey Renee,

It's been almost a year now since your update in regards to this. Can you provide any update on the progress that has been made? Everyone is very excited to move forward with Quizzes.Next. There is a lot to like about the tool! Thanks for anything you can tell me.

Thank you,

Jon DeGroot | Director of Flexible Learning

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I spoke with Respondus LDB about a month ago and they are working on the integration now. So hopefully soon we will be able to use it with!!!!