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Restrict Student Result View

Restrict student result view was recently added.  It should have an availability date, i.e., Restrict student results view until October 17, 2018

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There also needs to be some more granular permissions as the current Quizzes tool has.  Specifically, in addition to specifying a date range when results can be available to students, we'd like the ability to let students see their submissions and the questions marked incorrect, without allowing them to also see the correct answers.

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Our institution's CSM advised my team that more student view options should begin to appear in beta during November, in two more phases. My sense is that this initial deliverable, when combined with today's form of Mute Assignment, opens Quizzes.Next to medium-stakes uses where immediate score display would compromise rigor. 

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Community Team

Hi, Bruce,

Just to catch up this thread, all existing restriction options are included in 




    I cannot get this link to open as I get an error telling me I dont have sufficient priviledges.  Can you help ?


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@SuzRN69 , here's the new URL for that knowledge guide page:

And for those looking for the idea conversation about release dates in Restrict Student Result View, here's a link: