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Score does not populate immediately

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When I grade the essay answers and then hit "update", I do not see the score automatically transfer into the gradebook (using Speed grader) (as it does with the old quizzes). I have to hit "update" a second time to get it to take.

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@kirsten_ryallPlease do, and reference ticket 06933814.

I seem to lack the communication skills to communicate with canvas support. 

Response 1:  You should expect to have to wait a minute or so for speedgrader to update after 1 click.  (Not acceptable)

Response 2:  I'm sorry you are having trouble grading, but speedgrader updates instantly when I test it, so your computer or internet must be inadequate.  (Not accurate)


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All done @Steven_S . Ticket is 06951889 and I referenced yours as well as this discussion too. I recorded myself playing around in speedgrader and gradebook, and have sent support the recording. Fingers crossed. 

@kirsten_ryallgreat! Response 3 was that they consider all feedback, but cannot guarantee a response time.  So fingers crossed, the added information from your ticket might fill in some gaps and bring a faster solution.

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Good news, Level 2 support have been able to reproduce the behaviour and have now requested the engineering team take a look at it. They did also mention that this may be expected behaviour and a limitation of LTI grade passback functionality, but they will confirm.

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I have the same issue however if find once I have updated the score if I go to the top of the page and refresh the page the score populates on the right hand side and updates the gradebook also.


I can confirm that @wendy4 is correct, the page is not dynamically refreshing and to see updated scores you'll need to refresh the page.  It sounds like the initial team working on this anticipated a different workflow process and didn't realize you may keep that page up.

We do have a ticket to address this in the backlog.

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